PDAs, parallel printers and USB automounted drives

Karl Larsen wrote:
The early work is going on with Fedora 8 while we on Fedora 7 do not have the stocking software for a Palm PDA working,

Fedora 8 works alright for me. I do not have a PDA so I do not experience the bug. I do have a NOMAD jukebox which was fixed to work with input provided back to the developer. Report the problem to the correct component in bugzilla.
Remember that the developer would take a bug report containing relevant to problem titles and bug descriptions compared to reports like "Strange Things Going On" or similar titles.

all new yummed kernels make it impossible to use automount of USB

I'll have to try a USB device in "Fedora 8 2B" and see if it works. I have none handy for development testing. For Fedora 7, I can try that at work.

and yummed cups will break your printing if your using a parallel port.

The feature should still be there for parallel printers. Report the bug as to the functionality still being required and what effects it has on your system functionality regarding printing. I am sure the functionality will be restored.

So Fedora 8 is gearing up with Fedora 7 still broken. This seems to me as a really stupid way to run a railroad.

Think release cycle with a time based snapshot of current developmental progress. It would be more obvious if specific time references were used. But could you imagine a "Fedora 2007 premiere" for the first half of the year and "Fedora 2007 conclusion" for the remaining portion of the year. (Of course, not to be confused with w9x,2000)


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