Re: Running Wireless and Wired eth connections at the same time

Marko Vojinovic wrote:
On Monday 15 October 2007 03:51, sam wrote:
here's what i have so far.

>>>> dns

internal box <<<< >>>laptop >>>+>>> internet (eth0) (ath0)

the laptop can access both the internal box, and the internet
the internal box can only access the laptop...

i'm trying to be able to allow the internal box to be able to access
everything that the laptop can...

Maybe I am wrong, but I believe You need to setup eth0 as a bridged network connection. There is a howto about it in :-).

You are.

The laptop needs forwarding enabled:
10:13 [summer@numbat ~]$ grep ip_ /etc/sysctl.conf
net.ipv4.ip_forward = 0
08:19 [summer@numbat ~]$
Change that to 1. "man sysctl"

Hosts on each side need route set so the can find the other. "man route"

Use of tcpdump on the laptop can help sort out where packets are being lost. "man tcpdump"
Something like this:
tcpdump -i any host a and host b
Hosts a and be are on opposite sides of the laptop.



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