Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

Timothy Murphy wrote:
John Summerfield wrote:

I have two
desktop computers with PCI wireless cards, one's acting as a relay. I
have three Linux laptops with wireless, one's acting as a relay. Any of
the others might have both interfaces active at any time, and there's no
guessing which (if either) should be the gateway to the Internet.

None of my Linux laptops and only one of the wireless desktops boots to
runlevel 5.

That seems a very strange setup.
Do you mean you use text mode all the time?

A lot.

Incidentally, this is a very ignorant question,
but what do you mean when you say that
one of your three laptops is acting as a relay?

A router. It sits between two networks, routing traffic between them. Why a laptop? It's available, I have a more recent one that's nicer to use, it's got the hardware needed, and I already had it.

Is it unusual? Well, I have a desktop here doing the same thing.



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