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On Dec 8, 2007 8:22 AM, Karl Larsen <k5di@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
I can write a book. I have done so. It was like 30 years ago. Word
Perfect. But I have no idea how to write a Help on Fedora. Where would I
find this?

Go to and proceed to the links in the "How to
Contribute to Fedora" section.

I have gone there and joined the Documentation list. I am going to
try and get a GPL number but last time I tried it failed... :-)

Once I get going I will start writing to the Help for Users and Groups.


I'm stepping in the middle of this against my better judgment. I'm
sure you are a very intelligent individual with great knowledge in
various areas including some aspects of Linux (vs the average user for
example). However you do not have a methodical approach to Linux
issues (at least none that I can see from your postings). You try
something based on how you think it should work. If it doesn't, it's
a bug. Short and sweet a bug is when an application does something
that it was not meant to do and yields negative consequences as a
result of it (whether a crash, erroneous calculation, losing or
misplacing some data, whatever). I'm sure there are better
definitions out there. But bottom line the lack of a help section is
not a bug unless there is one built in but it cannot be displayed due
to bad programming.

You try something on your system and if it works, then it's good for
mass distribution to others to replicate with no thoughts to potential
pitfalls that could arise based on someone having a different
configuration. And without testing it any further from various
different angles. I've also written some documentation to be used on
a course (not relating to Linux). It was written after doing lots of
testing to determine exactly how an application was behaving behind
the scenes. Doesn't mean it can't contain errors. But at least every
effort was made to ensure it does not through thorough testing. I
could see you try something once on your own system. If it worked a
certain way, then that would be how it would get documented ignoring
that others might not have the same configuration as yours. Plus
documentation cannot be "do this, then this, then this, etc..." which
is what we've seen from you in the past (I acknowledge that you were
putting out guides in those instances which may not reflect how you'd
write detailed documentation but I throw that out as a cautionary

I am a good driver. I use my signal lights. I keep a safe distance
from cars in front of me. I drive according to the road conditions.
And I can change the oil in my car, replace a flat tire, top up my
windshield wash, and other such basic vehicle maintenance. But I
would not attempt to write documentation on any of those things. A
basic primer for the lay person maybe. But documentation to me
requires that the author has greater depth of knowledge on the subject
even if they won't be going to that depth in the documentation. That
greater depth of knowledge is what helps them ensure that what is
written is accurate for various circumstances rather than just their

I have not see that depth of knowledge or such a methodical approach
from you as it relates to Linux. I can only speak of that in the
context of what I've observed from you on this list so that
observation was made within that context. And you've demonstrated a
number of times on this list that you are not very flexible or
receptive to advice from others. You've observed something specific
on your system and you've formed an opinion on it which you don't
easily sway from even when clearly more knowledgeable individuals
attempt to nudge you in the right direction.

As commendable as it is to want to contribute to Fedora documentation,
I don't see it as your strength. Unless I've misread you completely,
you will likely save yourself and others grief and frustrations by
finding another way to contribute to Fedora that better compliments
your strengths in this area. I don't seek to be mean spirited at all
in my posting. I think it would be mean spirited to feed you to the
wolves (i.e. to a documentation team that would chew you up and spit
you out) knowing the likely end result based on their knowledge of you
as it pertains to Linux, documentation writing, and conflicts
frequently arising between you and others.

Jacques B.

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