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Karl Larsen wrote:
I did a temporary setup of Ubuntu and started playing with it. I signed up for their technical list and have talked with some very smart people.

The nice thing about Ubuntu is that you don't need to know a lot to
use it. The problem with Ubuntu is that nothing is in the 'standard'
places so you can fix things.

I don't understand that. I think "standard" needs some definition.

That 'standard' has been some trouble but an example is ifcfg-eth0.
Can't find it on Ubuntu. Using CPAN is quite a pain to do (I found
I was missing one small library, then I could install). I'm more of
a SYS-V guy having grown up with AT&T Unix. I like the Linux Standard
Base. I know there are differences between Debian based systems
and Red Hat based systems. I managed to (easily) get around the su

Generally, configuration files are approximately where package creators envisioned and work as they describe,

But those that follow the LSB make things easier for folks. The one
thing that makes things interesting still is whether to put things
in /opt or in /usr/local. I'm an old timer so I tend to put things
in /usr/local.

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