Re: Shutdown, No Login/Logout Window

On Sun, 2008-03-09 at 19:52 -0400, Jim wrote:
Mike Chambers wrote:
On Sun, 2008-03-09 at 17:52 -0400, Jim wrote:

FC8, X86_64, i386 boxes
I have problems Log Out > End Session, takes me straight to the 'shell'
, no login/logout Window.

At the 'Shell' prompt, login as user and 'startx' , it bypasses user
login window and goes right back to Desktop of last user.
I have got two x86_64 and one i386 FC 8 boxes that is doing this.
Please Help !!!!
All three boxes have been fully updated, no more updates avail.

At shell and as root, try /usr/sbin/gdm-restart and if not in front of
you, try the F7 vt to see if you see it.

Mike I should have told you that I'm running KDE in FC 8,
I'm totally confused, I have a perfect working FC 8 (KDE)box here that
doesn't have 'gdm' installed, no /usr/sbin/gdm-restart.

The box I'm having problem with doesn't have 'gdm' installed either.

If I reboot computer I get the "Login Window"
But when I Logout (From Desktop) > End Session that is when it goes
straight to the Shell.
From there I have to login and 'startx' that's where it bypasses
'Login' Window and straight to Desktop.

You probably have kdm (the KDE Display Manager) instead of gdm (the
Gnome Display Manager). This is normal though you can actually have both

See if you have the line

x:5:respawn:/etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon

in /etc/inittab. If not, add it (as root). Also
check /etc/sysconfig/desktop and make sure it looks like this:


Now from the shell window, as root, type
init 3
init 5

You should get the KDE login manager.

I did a F7 in the 'shell' and all I get is a ~ .

You misunderstood. He said "use the F7 vt", meaning "use virtual
terminal number 7". You can switch virtual terminals by holding down
Control, Alt and Fn at the same time, where 'n' typically can be from 1
to 7. Old hands often switch to vt1 to do stuff without disturbing the
desktop (though it will be command-line only). The graphical desktop
runs on vt7 by default. You can also start several others on vt8, vt9
etc., each running an independant copy of the X11 windows server,
possibly running as different users. This is called Fast User Switching,
and is very cool :-)

What would KDE be using for a "Login Window" ?

It can use either of the login managers, kdm or gdm. It's a matter of
taste which one you like.


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