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Michael Eager wrote:
Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Mike Burger wrote:
Has anyone been able to get VMWare Server running on F9?

I've installed VMWare Server from the rpm, run the config
script and everything seems to be installed correctly.
When I try to connect to the web management server, it
tells me that the server is not responding.

Noting that I've not worked, yet, with VMWare, at all, I still think the
question needs to be asked:

Did you start the VMWare server processes?

An easier question (based on how VMWare is packaged) is did you run the script that comes with the RPM? It will shutdown any running services, and compile the necessary kernel modules for your running kernel (if you haven't made them already, and, no, just installing the RPM does not do this), and then start them up again.

Thanks, all.

I had run the vmware-config program and started the server, but
I decided to try restarting the server. It complained that I needed
to run vmware-config again, so I did. It built all modules without
error and started all of the VMware services.

One thing which looks odd is that when the vmware-config script
starts VMware Services, that the line "VMware Virtual Infrastructure
Web Access" doesn't have either [OK] or [FAILED] after it.

After that (if it was successful), you should be able to connect to the server.

No such luck. Starting the browser and pointing to localhost:
gives me a VI Web Access dialog (as before), but entering in
the admin user/password results in a complaint that the server
is not responding, and suggests that I check that the server is
running and accepting connections.

The following processes are running:

I don't see vmware-server in the above list.
This is what got built and started on my machine:

Starting VMware services:
Virtual machine monitor [ OK ]
Virtual ethernet [ OK ]
Bridged networking on /dev/vmnet0 [ OK ]
Host-only networking on /dev/vmnet1 (background) [ OK ]
Bridged networking on /dev/vmnet2 [ OK ]
Host-only networking on /dev/vmnet8 (background) [ OK ]
NAT service on /dev/vmnet8 [ OK ]
Starting VMware virtual machines... [ OK ]

How does this compare with your build?

If I go to https://localhost:902, I get the following line:
220 Vmware Authentication Daemon Version 1.10; SSL Required,
ServerDaemonProtocol:SOAP, MKSDisplayProtocol:VNC , VMXARGS supported

Same as me, but it runs on a different port number on my machine. YMMV

I'll try following Chris' pointer to HowToForge, but if any
of this looks hinky, please let me know.

Not sure. Have you looked closely at the results of your config run? Were there *any* errors at all? Warnings?

Kevin J. Cummings
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