Re: F 9 problems to install

Carroll Grigsby wrote:
On Wednesday 06 August 2008 07:43:24 am Per Anton Ronning wrote:
Nigel Henry wrote:
On Wednesday 06 August 2008 11:27, Per Anton Ronning wrote:
Hi Beartooth:
Okei, I solved it. I hooked up my old CRT and it processed the signals
- although the screen was messy.
I found out after some experimenting that the problem boiled down to the
resolution setting.
The F 9 setup offered two alternatives: 640 x 480 and 800 x 600.
640 x 480 produced a clear picture, 800 x 600 produced "out of range".
I guess 800 x 600 was the default setting when I fired up the PC
the first time.
On my invoice for the machine the screen is listed as 1680 x 1050,
but it seems that F 9 only has the 2 alternatives listed above.
Why this is so I don't know. On my old PC is running Fedora Core 5, and
when I hook up the new LCD (the 2 PC's share one screen, keyboard and
mouse via a KVM swith - very convenient) i get the 2 alternative
resolutions under F 5 as well.

Now, since we are talking I have another question:
I did install F 9 with both Gnome and KDE. Gnome is (as before) the
default, but I have not yet found out how to switch to KDE.
(I sort of like KDE, I have gotten used to it)
It used to be the login screen, but not any more, it seems. Linux
Format (where I got the F 9 DVD) does not mention anything about how to
switch, and that is (so far) the only F 9 documentation I have.

Hi Par. This is probably too obvious, but don't you have a bar at the
bottom of the login screen, with the language, and session option

That is what I was expecting, but the only options are:
Suspend, Restart, Shut Down, and none of these bring up any choice of
desktop environment (I have tried them all)
"Session" is not there - it was present in FC 5 though.
But it may be among the system settings, I'll keep looking.


You will need to install switchdesk (and probably switchdesk-gui) if you have not already done so. (My recollection is that switchdesk is not installed be default in F9). The option to chose the desktop doesn't appear in the login screen until after you have entered your username, but before you enter the password; it appears in a bar at the bottom of the screen.

-- cmg
Thats right, it appears at the bottom of the screen, where you can choose between Gnome and KDE. It did not catch my eye until you mentioned it.
(My eyes stand in the way of eyesight)
So, I chose KDE, but it did not take effect. I still got the Gnome desktop after login.


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