Why is uid/gid 350 bad? [WAS: Re: f10 gdm user hide]

Hi Folks

I've just set up a user account for our scanner - no the scanner will
never login at GDM (will ftp in). So, after much gnashing of teeth,
I've given it a uid/gid of 350 so that it doesn't show up in the GDM
login (it seem the only way to hid a user account is to give it a
uid/gid below 500). How long before this rash move turns my machine
into a smoking pile of ash?

Thanks all,

On 13/12/08 14:21, Craig White wrote:
On Sat, 2008-12-13 at 02:03 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Frank Cox wrote:
Is there any way to remove a user's name from the list on the initial gdm
login screen?
Related: Is there a way to reorganize the names? For example, if the
list has Fred at the top and Sally under that, can the order be reversed
so Sally is on top?
Scaling back my question again, does anyone know how to set the default
username that is initially selected when gdm starts? So if it's Fred's
machine he doesn't always have to move the pointer off of Sally first
before he logs in.
I'd suggest trying KDM, which can actually be configured.

su -
yum install kdebase-workspace
echo 'DISPLAYMANAGER="KDE"' >/etc/sysconfig/desktop

(That's really "KDE" there, not "KDM".)
If you want to make sure GNOME is the default desktop, you can add:
echo 'DESKTOP="GNOME"' >>/etc/sysconfig/desktop
Likewise, DESKTOP="KDE" makes KDE the systemwide default.

Then you can set up KDM through systemsettings (the KDE configuration tool).

You may lose some GNOME integration though (e.g. fast user switching),
because obviously KDM was primarily designed for KDE.
+1 for KDM

I've been able to edit themes rather simply and get some nice custom
login screens and company backgrounds.


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