the "proper" way to identify the bitness of your kernel and CPU

what is the fedora-approved way to identify the wordsize of both
your running kernel and your CPU? for the kernel, i'm used to running

$ uname -r

and just looking at the suffix, which in my case would be either
"i686" or "x86_64". is there a simpler way? does one of the "uname"
options reliably report just that portion -- the wordsize of the
running kernel?

and, secondly, regardless of the bitness of the kernel, what about
identifying the wordsize of the actual CPU (since you can obviously
have a 32-bit kernel running on an x86_64 CPU).

my standard tricks are one of:

$ grep lm /proc/cpuinfo (where "lm" stands for long mode)
$ getconf LONG_BIT (should print 32 or 64)

in that second case, would "uname -p" reliably show a 64-bit CPU, even
with a 32-bit OS?



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