Fedora 10, kickstart install (booted netinst image CD) - cannot eject CD during install


Let me start with some background to the problem. I'm performing kickstart installations by booting the system with a CD made from the F10 netinst ISO. My installation RPMs are stored on an NFS server. I've got the updates repository being served up by an HTTP server.

Now for the problem... With previous versions of Fedora (and other Red Hat-related distros, like CentOS), I was able to push the eject button on the CD drive DURING THE INSTALLATION and get my boot CD out of the machine. This was handy because I could start the installation, get my CD back and walk away from the machine. Now, with Fedora 10, I am unable to get my CD out of the drive during the installation. It is a minor hassle to have to come back later to retrieve my CD. Plus, if I want to kickstart install multiple machines at once, I have to have many copies of the boot CD.

Setting up a PXE boot scenario is not a good solution because I do not have control over the campus' DHCP service.

Does anyone know how to eject a boot CD during a kickstart install? Thanks in advance for your help.

Peter Schwenk
Campus IT Associate 3
Mathematical Sciences
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716-2553
schwenk _at_ math _dot_ udel _dot_ edu
(302) 831-0437 (v)

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