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On 04/10/2009 11:32 AM, Dave Ihnat wrote:
The purpose of deprecating use of goto was to avoid the spaghetti code
that was so prevalent, especially in C.
spaghetti code is not limited to any language. You can write bad, unreadable code in any computer language. At the time Structured programming really targeted COBOL which was the primary business programming language.

Try the following statement in COBOL (sorry for upper case, but that was all we had):


I had several COBOL programs that had been converted from IBM assembler to Burroughs COBOL. What the alter was was essentially an IBM assember subroutine call using the BALR (Branch and Link Register). I loved it, the old-time Burroughs programmers hated that code, but I knew IBM assembler and was not intimidated by this.

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