Re: Dependency broken or my config?

Kevin Kofler:
Attachments on such a high-volume mailing list are also a huge waste of
bandwidth. Not everyone who's subscribed to the list will want to read it.

Patrick O'Callaghan:
Actually if they use a reasonable IMAP mailer (or a webmail system) they
don't need to download it unless they want to read it.

Not everybody can. Not everybody has access to such a system, wants to
use a system, or has a client that will leave attachments on the server.

Large emails, for whatever reason (HTML and crap, attachments, etc.), do
waste a lot of bandwidth and storage space. On servers that pass the
message along its way, and on those that store the messages. And, the
more recipients, the more bandwidth.

And I'm not sure attchments actually are forbidden here. I'm sure I've
seen people posting screenshots now and again. Don't they count?

Seems to be based on filesize. It seems that above some threshold, you
get silently moderated.

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