Re: [OT] ssh login script - Please Help

Mike Burger wrote:

Alternately, Dan ought to, instead of an expect script, use a non-root
user, key-based authentication (bypass the password), scp the conf file
the non-root user's homedir, and sudo to provide root level privs to
the conf file into place and restart NTP.

Or don't log in at all. Use scp to copy the file, and then ssh where
it is set to run a command when you connect. (Use the
comand="comand" format for the key.) One thing I am not sure of is
if you can use the same key for scp when using the command= option.

Well, is part of the openssh suite, and does/will use the same key as the
ssh executable.

I use keys to scp and ssh to run commands all the time, without having to
pass passwords along, in order to automate processes, all the time.

Mike Burger

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