Re: pulseaudio - WOW

Uh, I don't use pulseaudio at all, just alsa, and I can run
vlc and mplayer simultaneously and hear all of them. Of
course, I can't
set the volume of each individually, but why would I want
to do this in
the first place.

Most recent (last 10 years) sound hardware has a hardware
mixer. You
don't need a software layer to make it work.

But the developers give it to you for FREE*, even though you might not be interested in it? and it may not work for you, but will still get it whether you want to or not? Nah, I am just answering for the FUN OF IT :)
hope no one is offended, just trying to have a bit of fun here!

I don't know why but *it seems to me* that Fedora will jump to kernel 2.6.31 as soon as it is released. Just yesterday was released and I have it installed learning the patching process and applying it. Why do I believe that Fedora will jump to 2.6.31?, since on rawhide 2.6.31.rc kernels are being run, and also that Fedora skipped 2.6.28 kernels altogether and jumped to 2.6.29.X kernels :)

I apologize in advance for the (BTW), but since I know that John runs latest kernels and I am kind of following this trend. It does feel strange not to be running an official Fedora kernel, but Fedora is staying behind, for [1], [2], [3]? reasons. Also while on this topic, will Fedora 12 move to gcc 4.5 snapshots since gcc has been bumped to 4.4.1?



[1] the hack that defeated selinux and other security problems with null pointers
[2] too many features are present in 2.6.30 that might break systems so developers are playing it safe
[3] will jump to 2.6.31 kernels because those are being tested via rawhide and new features introduced that it would be safe to jump this way?

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