Re: F11 - gdm autologin enabled = gnome keyring always asking for password?

jaivuk writes:

Hi guys,

I have single user netbook with F11 installed with encrypted partitions. (So I enter partition password before it boots) I enabled gdm autologin by adding below lines
into [daemon] section into /etc/gdm/custom.conf and it works fine:


The problem is that before netbook is connected to wifi network it asks for gnome keyring password. Please note keyring did not ask for password when autologin was disabeld (and I logged-in manually).

In below discussions I found that there exists pam_keyring solution, however as it seems it does not work with autologin enabled either:

Do you please have any hint how to make autologin work without gnome keyring asking for password?

I've managed get gnome-keyring to shut up up, with autologin. I don't use encrypted partitions, but I do not believe this is a factor.

Install the "seahorse" package. This adds "Passwords and Encryption keys" in the accessories menu. Here's where my recollection is a bit murky, but what I think I've done is use seahorse to delete the existing keyring, create a new one with a blank or empty password. The first time around the block I had to reenter my wireless password, but from that point on I boot, autologin, and get wireless up without having to enter a password. I've done this on several laptops, so I know it's possible, but don't recall some of the details of what I had to do in seahorse.

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