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On Monday 28 September 2009, Anne Wilson wrote:
On Sunday 27 September 2009 22:42:55 Gene Heskett wrote:

I have one rather exasperating function I wish I could either turn off,
or relocate.

It's in kmail, the little "helpful" (not) gizmo that pops up if you leave
the mouse sitting on an icon. It is useful for some things, but I have
kmail setup with the message list pane left of the message pane, which
puts the messages panes subject line not too far below the icons along
the top of the main window.

And when it pops up, it takes about a minute for it to go way, during
which time the messages subject line is hidden. Having to move the mouse
to a clear place when I want to switch to the + key, and back again tends
to aggravate my arthritis.

Can this be relocated to a point above the icon, or can the display
timeout be set down to maybe 2 seconds? If so, what file do I edit to
accomplish this?

It's not entirely clear which tooltip you are referring to, but go to and it's probably 2.7 or
2.8 that you need.


I've looked, with right clicks, on several items, but I'm apparently not
seeing what you are. And I also have noted that its been 2 weeks or so since
I was last able to forward a message from the pulldown 'message' menu as it
shows only one choice, custom template, which doesn't exist. The FWD button
does work, but is not an inline forward, but as an attachment.

I have had 2 rather spectacular crashes in that time frame, both related to
watching a video someone sent me a link to, and the last one took a reboot to
fix as it also wiped out X. kmail advised me that a recovery was possible,
but that I would lose all my message flags, and it was after that when I
noted I had lost the choices in the fwd menu. And it is the same with the
mark messages menu, there are no choices now, either in the pulldown, or in
the configure-kmail>appearance>message-tags. That screen is displayed ok,
but there are no choices available.

Cheers, Gene
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