Re: Advice for "crossgrading" from 32 bit F11 to x64 ?

On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 23:32 -0400, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Linuxguy123 writes:

I do a lot of photo processing... things like generating 200 jpgs from
raw files at one go. My laptop has 4GB of RAM but is currently only
using 3GB because I am running a 32 bit kernel.

Why led you to this conclusion? 32 bit Linux is perfectly capable of
addressing 4 GB+ of RAM. You need to install a PAE kernel, which should
already be the case, by default.

If you are not already booting a PAE kernel, just install it.

Sooner or later I want to upgrade to a 64 bit kernel and 8 GB of RAM.
Other than this article, I can't find any information on the subject.

I am looking to do the upgrade WITHOUT reinstalling Fedora. I've done

Someone who has sufficient technical experience and know-how might be able
to pull this off. But, to be perfectly straight, if you have to ask how to
do this, you do not have the requisite know how.


But, if all you want is more RAM, all you really need is the PAE kernel,
which I believe can handle up to 16 GB. A single 32 bit process is still
limited to accessing 3 GB max, but overall the system will be able to use up
to 16 gigs. If that works out for you, this is your path of least

Thanks for the reply. I installed the PAE kernel.

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