Re: How do I change from a regular kernel to a PAE kernel ?

Il giorno mar, 29/09/2009 alle 20.23 -0700, Kam Leo ha scritto:

I'm surprised that Anaconda did not detect that your processor was an
i686 and automatically install the PAE kernel.

I was surprised too when I made upgrade from Fedora 9 (with only PAE
kernel) to Fedora 10 using preupgrade.
After the boot everytime I had an error message for package not found.

I understand trying and trying that anaconda boot with a kernel without
PAE, but preupgrade download only the PAE.
So no upgrade can start.

I solved it installing the right kernel on my fedora 9 and running
preupgrade. After that I removed the i586 kernel.

I hope it was solved on Fedora 11, because I will do the preupgrade also
from Fedora 10 to Fedora 11


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