black screen and message "cannot display this mode 2:dvi-d" during F11 install

Questions at the bottom:

F9 has been running great since it came out

I read that one should install F10 before F11 so I did install F10!

Everything went great.

(1) Then I tried to install the F11 iso dvd. After the "anaconda started"
message at the bottom of a blue screen, the screen went blank and
the message would appear:

"cannot display this mode 2:dvi-d"

Thinking the monitor had gone into power save, I hit many keys and moved the
mouse to no avail.

I gave up! BTW I had checked all media CDs for errors.

(2) then working under F10, a little message appeared from the lower right
the screen asking if I wanted to upgrade to F11.

I accepted and again "cannot display this mode 2:dvi-d" on a black screen

after anaconda started on a blue screen. This time no ISO DVD F11. I've
never seen

such an error message in 11 years (off and on) of using Linux.

HD Disk activity was showing on the disk activity light so I let it run all

night and part of today. I hit a bunch of keys and moved the mouse and the

screen returned saying all was done and restarting.

After restart, I seem to have F11 installed. I did a yum update and got some

more F11 updates.

On the grub screen, the only F11 kernel was the PAE kernel which I selected
and got:

[oracle@Eugene OCI_NavSysError]$ uname -a
Linux Eugene #1 SMP Fri Jul 31 04:40:15 EDT
i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Does F11 have any F11 kernels?

BTW running >setup (hd0,0) under F10 grub ruined my XP prof OS on scsi 0 so

reloaded XP Prof from scratch.


(1) what is this "cannot display this mode 2:dvi-d" ???

(2) Now I cannot boot to Fedora 11 and all the advice on how to reinstall

grub has failed failed. Did a rescue and chroot /mnt/sysimage and the fdisk

Now XP Prof seems to be on /dev/sdc and Fedora on /dev/sdd. What do I do?

In the meantime I have retreated to Fedora 10.

Somebody else had similar problems!
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