Re: How to check cpu temperature?

Aaron Konstam wrote:

My laptop is a Dell Latitude D810 and the Desktop is a Optiplex GX880.
Neither of them have a BIOS that allows one to turn on or turn off acpi.

You normally do not have a choice of turning on and off acpi - may
have a choice between acpi and apm. You can tell the kernel not to
use acpi, or to use apm with the different acpi and apm options. But
your machines may not support apm.

The variables in the /proc directory are kernel created variables that
have nothing to do with the sensors group of programs. Applying a cat to
them is no different in GNOME than it is in KDE. Just as you would not
expect cat-ing cpuinfo to be different in different Desktop Managers.

True. But the /proc/acpi is created by what the various acpi modules
can detect. If the BIOS does not support something in the standard
way, then it is not going to be there, unless someone has created a
module to support it. This is why you have things like the
toshiba_acpi.ko module.

When it comes to displaying the information, you get it presented in
different forms depending on what program you use.

sensor-detect did not detect any sensors that would monitor any hardware
components on either machine. Yet I cold display the temp of the CPU on
the laptop as described above. it seems clear to me that the kernel does
not detect any temperature sensors on the desktop so I am clear out of

Did sensor-detect detect anything? Did you let it try all the
different buses it asked about? I have run into sensors that are
"attached" to the ISA bus, even though the motherboard does not have
any ISA slots. (Built in serial/parallel ports are usually ISA.) You
may also find that the same sensor is used by sensors and acpi.


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