Re: The recent ssl vulnerability

On Sunday 22 November 2009, Todd Zullinger wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
Is there any chance of getting the fixed openssl-0.9.8i for F10?

This has stopped my ability to do any online banking, and with all
the horror stories about regarding loss of X when upgrading to F12,
I really don't want to destroy a working system just to get this
security fixed library. What we F10 users have now:

So we are way more than one security fix behind.

Not really. Just because the version number isn't the very latest
doesn't mean the openssl maintainer hasn't backported security fixes.

In the case of the recent session renegotiation vulnerabilities, there
are some comments in bugzilla about why this has not been pushed as an
update yet:

I haven't read up on all the details, but wouldn't ensuring that your
bank had upgraded their systems be equally, if not more, important in
deciding whether you can trust them?

True, but I have little control over that other than threatening to move my
money. That has generally been sufficient so far, and has cured several
cases of blue smoke emitting from both my ears. :-) But this was I read, a
problem on my end, not the banks problem. This one I was under the
impression was up to me to fix. Is this not the case? Both ends have to be

Please elaborate.


Cheers, Gene
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