Re: [OT] perl help on number modification

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 11:10 AM, Gianluca Cecchi
<gianluca.cecchi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
1.20 must become 1.2
1.00 must become 1
1.25 must remain the same

Thanks to Dave, Jake and Geoffrey even if my answer was OT... thanks
also for the perl links

For Jake:
the problem is that in your example I think that perl assumes they are
numbers and renders them correspondingly. In my case, I get them as
strings during the workflow, so that perl doesn't manage
For example:
perl -le '$foo=1.00; print $foo'
[gcecchi@tekkaman ~]$ perl -le '$foo="1.00"; print $foo'

BTW, it was the correct regex that I missed. Simple to read after you
pointed out, but (at least for me) difficult to catch initially... ;-)
Actually I had to make the job in awk where I then easily got the same
effect with:
sub(/\.?0+$/, "", foo)

Thanks again and hope to repay in some way ...
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