Re: radeon driver heading in wrong direction :-(.

On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 14:23:57 +0000,
Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, ok, but if you are testing out new kernels, the open-source 2D driver
shoud do, right? Or are you typically testing kernels and 3D graphics

Sometimes. I am doing dogfood type testing. I occasionally test out how
my video card support for 3d games is working. (Most of the games I play
regularly only need 2d though.)

I think the current suggestion is to buy Intel or ATI hardware and use
the open source drivers

When we speak of 2D, all three manufacturers (nVidia, ATI and Intel) are
supported by open source drivers, more or less good enough.

When we speak of 3D, ATI just doesn't have decent open source drivers,

What do you mean by decent? 3d acceleration works. Though I don't think
that OpenGL support on Linux supports GLSL. But I might have misunderstood
the driver status page that I thought said that.

Intel 3D and obsolete ATI 3D using radeon driver are not considered "serious
3D", at least from my perspective. Encouraging that would be like encouraging
the use of Pentium 3 over Quad Core just because it is known to work.

If you are talking render farm type serious, then you are likely to want
proprietary drivers. For many linux games, the open source ATI driver
should be adequate. I haven't tried playing 3d games in wine lately, because
the support wasn't there and the games ran too slow. If that situation has
changed now (I believe they are at least working toward that), then playing
some of the recent windows games under wine could potentially be a case where
proprietary drivers might be needed to get adequate performance.

in order to reward Intel and ATI for providing
specs to their hardware

Would you please provide the link with the specs for the ATI HD family of
cards? Maybe I'm out of the loop here...

This seems to be where the X people publish copies:

Phoronix typically has stories about documentation dumps when they happen.

so that open source drivers can be written with
less effort.

So where are those drivers for ATI cards? The closed fglrx drivers don't work
on F12, and I don't know about any usable open source ones. Just please don't
say radeon(hd), it simply doesn't support modern cards yet...

xorg-x11-drv-ati supports through r700 series cards. In F12 you need to
install mesa-drivers-experimental to turn on 3d support for r600 and r700
chips. Things were iffy at F12 release, so these weren't enabled by default.
Some people are still reporting problems with the free driver. My memory is
that most of the serious issues seem to be on laptops. But that is just
from watching the Fedora lists and may not accurately represent the true

I don't have access to and r600 or r700 based cards. I have a rv280 at
home and an rv530 at work and both do 3d currently.
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