Re: radeon driver heading in wrong direction :-(.

On Mon, 2010-02-01 at 16:58 -0600, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 22:52:24 +0000,
Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Unlike ATI, who *claim* to support FS, but actually do so only when the
hardware in question becomes obsolete.

r700 series chipsets are hardly obsolete. I don't think one would have too
much trouble buying one.

And look what just came out today:

...And from that very article, it says:

The ATI kernel mode-setting support that we really care about
these days is also about done, but it isn't yet published. The
open-source ATI driver currently offers no 2D (EXA) acceleration
and the 3D support either through a classic Mesa driver or
Gallium3D also is not yet available.


Ideally we can see the initial Evergreen kernel mode-setting
support land in time for the Linux 2.6.34 kernel merge window
that should be opening up next month. At this time there is no
Radeon HD 5000 series support via hard-coded paths or AtomBIOS
with the xf86-video-radeonhd driver, nor do we know if any
support will ever come.

So, in other words, we might see some of this in F13. ...Or maybe F14,
if we see some of this at all.

...By which time, the hardware in question fits the "cheaper"
description advocated by those who are fervently recommending
"OpenSource ueber alles!" as the priority, because nobody needs anything
faster anyway. After all, if anybody really did need that, these guys
would already be running it anyway.

Oh, and the hardware in question will also be no longer the latest, and
will be well into or near the end of it's normal hardware life cycle.

So much for Fedora being a bleeding edge distro in the video support

This sounds more like people making excuses for why they are behind the
proprietary curve - even if Fedora really didn't have to be if they put
the right amount of the right resources into it.

"Ninety-nine percent of the failures
come from people who have the habit
of making excuses."

--George Washington Carver

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