Re: radeon driver heading in wrong direction :-(.

On Monday 01 February 2010 22:58:13 Bruno Wolff III wrote:
And look what just came out today:

OH, WOW! :-D

I was just about to opt-out of the discussion because it is getting more and
more philosophical, but *this* text... This text is *way* too good to be

Did you actually read it through? Let me sum up the highlights (quoting,
skipping irrelevant details and putting some of my own comments in square
brackets --- sorry, couldn't resist... ;-) ):

Months after the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series ... was introduced, AMD has finally
pushed out the first bits of open-source code... [Yeah, after some months,
finally!!] The ATI kernel mode-setting support that we really care about ...
isn't yet published. The open-source ATI driver currently offers no 2D ... and
the 3D support ... also is not yet available. [So this driver is actually the
vesa driver, right?]

The DDX driver supports mode-setting ... while the DisplayPort connectivity is
still not working right... [Nah, who cares about that...] These new AMD
graphics cards have been around since September while there was no open-source
support at that time. [So it's been like, 5 months now?] In December ... there
was Evergreen Shader documentation that was made publicly available and around
that time it was confirmed ... that initial VGA mode-setting was working ... on
unreleased code. [Oh, bummer, unreleased.] ... The revised target was to
publish this code by FOSDEM, which is this weekend so AMD did hit the target
this time. [I bet some PR manager at ATI is going to get a bonus for half-a-
year delay in development, just to hit it between the eyes on FOSDEM, with so
much media coverage...]

Ideally we can see the ... kernel mode-setting support land in time for the
Linux 2.6.34 kernel merge window that should be opening up next month. [What,
no KMS on FOSDEM?] At this time there is no Radeon HD 5000 series support via
hard-coded paths or AtomBIOS with the xf86-video-radeonhd driver, nor do we
know if any support will ever come. [Man, I get a feeling that the author of
this text loves ATI just as much as I do... :-) ]

For those interested in the Radeon HD 5000 series and the Catalyst Linux
driver [But, but... This is closed source!!! That's sacrilege!!!], which has
been supported since the first Evergreen GPUs were introduced, we have
benchmarks of the Radeon HD 5750 and Radeon HD 5770. Logs of the chatter
surrounding the open-source ... can be found at [Oh, I so love
to chatter about open source with Catalyst developers...]

The PCI IDs ... support includes the desktop and mobile GPUs ... along with
some unreleased ASICs. ...

The xf86-video-ati patches to support these new ATI graphics processors is
currently several hundred lines of code without any acceleration support.
[Yeah, who needs acceleration these days, really? We're all so over it...] The
introduced patches (driver log) update AtomBIOS, add AtomBIOS support for the
new digital output setup on Evergreen, LUT support, hardware cursor support,
and CRTC/PLL updates.

Now we just need to wait for 2D and 3D acceleration support along with KMS,
which fortunately is right out on the horizon or so it seems. [Or so it seems!
You gotta love this guy, this text is awesome!] We're also waiting to find out
what other sort of hardware documentation will be released ... [One who waits
long enough, finds out eventually... Umm... Oh, those damn proverbs...]

The ATI Radeon HD 2000/3000/4000 (R600/700) graphics processors are what up to
this point have been the biggest focus among open-source driver developers,
which now has proper kernel mode-setting support and 3D acceleration via Mesa.
The Radeon X1000 (R500) support is basically 2D/3D complete at this time as
with the much older ATI Radeon hardware, which now is in the process of
migrating to a Gallium3D stack. [Yeah!!! Those proud R500 owners!! Their
hardware finally Just Works, after all these years...]

Folks, what can I say? ATI support is so awesome that I have no business here
criticizing them. Just read this review from a real *pro*, the original is on
the quoted link above! ;-)

Enjoy! :-D

Best, :-)

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