Re: How do I use the drupal installed via yum?

On 5 February 2010 20:12, Dave Ihnat <dihnat@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 05:01:18PM +0000, Gavin Simpson wrote:
Thanks. Yes, apache2. Not sure what you mean by the "sites available" directory.

In stock Apache, configuration information is in /etc/apache2.  Websites
are defined in httpd.conf fragments in a directory entitled
"sites-available"; sites that are used in the active configuration are
linked from files in sites-available in the directory "sites-enabled".
Sorry, right now I don't have a Fedora system up to check if they mucked
with the stock configuration.

I think this is a problem - you are wrong on so many levels.

To quote from config.layout in a vanilla tarball of Apache 2.2.14:

# Classical Apache path layout.
<Layout Apache>
prefix: /usr/local/apache2
sysconfdir: ${prefix}/conf

Configuration is therefore in /usr/local/apache2/conf

Only in Debian, is it ever in /etc/apache2/conf:

<Layout Debian>
sysconfdir: ${prefix}/etc/apache2

As far as I also know, sites-available is also a Debianism... on a Red
Hat system, it is always in /etc/httpd/

In particular, the Drupal that is available through Fedora is
configured in /etc/httpd/conf.d/drupal.conf

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