Mail clients - which way forward?

I wonder if anyone might offer advice about the way forward with mail
client choice to satisfy a set of needs?

I currently use Thunderbird as my mail client of choice for the
following reasons:
1) It has both email support with a good address book facility, as
well as caldav calendar support via the lightning extension. This will
sync calendars with both google and yahoo calendars.
2) It has GPG encryption support via the enigmail extension
3) It is being developed at present, and I currently use Thunderbird
3.1b2 in Fedora even though the stock version is somewhat behind this
nightly version.

Even though the local storage is in mbox format which I dislike (I far
prefer maildir), I don't need it since I run a local dovecot imap
server on each machine and run filters to copy mail to the local imap
store which then also has the advantage that mail is client agnostic.
I don't need the GLODA or other fancy indexing systems, but the search
bar within Thunderbird serves my needs perfectly well.

Now there appears to be a forthcoming problem in that rumour has it
that enigmail will stop being developed beyond Thunderbird 3.2 so if I
continue to update the mail client then at some point I will lose the
ability to use encrypted mail within the mail client - and that is
important to me, SMIME is available but I will still need to decrypt
previous mails and I really do prefer GPG to SMIME anyway.

So the question is which other mail client has a good UI, will support
encryption (GPG) within the client, and hopefully has local maildir
format, calendar (caldav) support and good filter facilities as well
as being able to cope well with multiple email accounts? This needs
to be a client that looks like it will be supported as we move into
the future of Fedora.

Anyone able to offer considered advice?


mike c
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