Re: [OT] Deafening silence

Distrowatch says that Red Hat 6 will be about 2 years late because
Fedora is too goddamned buggy. In which way will Fedora's bugs help
Red Hat succeed better than Canonical or Novell?

Red Hat 6 was released many many years ago 8)

If you mean a "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6" then nobody who knows anything
is going to give you an answer because it would be unlawful to do so in
the USA (and most countries) as it would involve material information
about un-announced products of a publically traded business.

The only people who may know if and when there would be a RHEL6 can't
tell you anything beyond what has been publically released by the

Remember enterprise users generally hate new major releases due to the
cost hit they take in managing/testing/upgrading. These are people who
object to 'five years of support' as too short.

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