Re: Evolution and GPG signing?

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan
<pocallaghan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I just sent myself a plain text signed message from Evo and verified the
signature using TBird. Looking at the raw file, it does indeed have
a .asc attachment containing the signature, as per spec. I haven't tried
it in HTML as I never use it.

Going back to the error message in your original post, it complains

gpg: BAD signature from "xxxxxxxxx (New rsa key)

That looks to me like a problem with the signature itself rather than
the message (though I wouldn't swear to it). Are you sure that your
configurations of Evo and TB are using the same signature?

Well - the way I am testing is that I have TB set up on this machine
for my personal mail and the .gnupg dir holds the GPG files. I also
have Evolution running on this same physical machine within my own
user area. The EVo account is set up to hook up to my work imap email

Hence if I use TB to send from personal mail account to work and
receive the mail on Evo, or if I send from my work account using Evo
to my personal account seen in TB then both mail clients are operating
using the same set of files in .gnupg. Therefore if I use a signed
email then both are taking the keys from the same area! Hence if it
works sending from TB to myself on TB, or from TB to Evo, and the
signature verifies fine, but sending from Evo to TB where the
signature does not verify this indicates that one or other email
client is not handling the signing or verification properly, surely!

I do now know that if sending a plaintext mail from Evo to TB then the
signature verifies just fine, but changing to sending HTML but
otherwise leaving everything else the same then TB says it is a BAD
signature. The question I do not know is whether the signature
verification in TB has a bug, or whether Evo does not form the
PGP/Mime mail correctly when sending HTML?

Either way there is nothing wrong with my GPG keys since every other
test I do on them works fine.

mike c
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