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On 03/26/2010 11:14 AM, Kelvin Chan wrote:

I encounter a problem as I copy folder with all files to a usb disk.

Kelotus:/ Kelotus$ cp -R Documents dev/disk1s1/www

cp: dev/disk1s1/www: Not a directory
cp: /dev/disk1: Resource busy

Kelotus:webserver Kelotus$ mount
/dev/disk0s2 on / (hfs, local, journaled)
devfs on /dev (devfs, local)
fdesc on /dev (fdesc, union)
map -hosts on /net (autofs, automounted)
map auto_home on /home (autofs, automounted)
/dev/disk1s1 on /Volumes/IPTGA-K (msdos, local, nodev, nosuid, noowners)

If I understood you correctly, you need to copy the Documents directory.
If yes, you must copy to
the mounted directory and not to the device node:

cp -R Documents /Volumes/IPTGA-K

Remark: You forgot the leading / in dev/disk1s1/www in the (useless)
command you presented us :-)


/Kelvin Chan/


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