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I have installed Windows XP in one partition and then I have installed Fedora11 in another
partition. Now I need to remove Linux partition and add that disk space to windows partition. How
to do this?

Please help me out.

You need to provide more information on your configuration?
1. Is the boot loader the windows ntldr or is the system using grub?
2. What is the partition layout? Is the XP on the first partitoin or which? With
Fedora, you should have a boot and a root partition.

I just help a student go in the other direction. He had installed linux on his
system, but has moved to using more linux, so wanted to reduce the size of
windows and increase the size of linux. Used a Live CD with gparted to
resize the partitions. I like the parted majgic CD.

If the boot process is grub, you will need to reinstall a XP MBR of be forced
to leave the boot partition, and change the default to Windows.

So, more info is needed.

Thank you.


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