Re: F12 crash

That is fine, but please do not recommend others disable it.
Why? If it's the root of the problem... Besides "others" are free to make their own decisions, are they not?

Because if it turns out not to be the problem they need to sit through a
relabel when they turn it back on.

If you are going to suggest something for testing you should suggest switching
to permissive instead of disabling. Even that isn't a great approach but
its quick to try and recover from unlike what you have been suggesting.

I concur.

I have access problems with mysql in Fedora 12 and shut off selinux as
you suggest - it did not solve the problem but went through 2 very long
relabeling processes, the last to reinstate selinux.
Although I am the only user on a non network single desktop computer I
would not recommend disabling selinux because the warnings produced in
my system display things that need attention. Permissive is useable
because one still gets the warnings.


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