Re: Stable Fedora Releases

On Thu, 2010-04-01 at 21:22 -0700, Leslie S Satenstein wrote:
Currently I do a yum update check every other day, and find large
numbers of updates. Is there a reason why these cannot be collected
and set into weekly updates?

When there's a fix released for a problem, I want it available to me
straight away. I don't want to, *unnecessarily* wait a week before I
can use it.

While it's usual that most updates aren't critical, I've seen a few,
over the years, that were show-stoppers.

Delaying the update releases still won't avoid the problem where an
update is released, turns out to be a bad update, and another update
must be released to fix that prior. Those sort of accidents will still
happen, from time to time, but now you'll extend the problem from one
day to over a week.

I suppose I could just look for updates on a weekly basis, and that
would answer my own question.

That was the obvious answer. And you can automate it, too, if you like.

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