Re: Can Windows and Linux co-exist?

I've been trying for some time to set up
a home LAN based on a Linux (CentOS) server,
with both Linux and Windows clients.

For me, I have a Linux server and Windows clients of different versions
(XP - 7). My Linux server is a domain controller and handles network
logons, share mapping and such. In addition it is the gateway to the
Internet, firewall, mail server, web server, content filter and database
server. All of which I use from my Windows clients in various ways.

I'm thinking specifically (at the moment)
of MySQL, openVPN and openLDAP.
Is there anywhere an account of how to set up
a Windows client with a Linux server
for these applications?

I've setup FreeS/WAN ( for my VPN. It seemed to
work quite well from Windows and Linux clients alike. I haven't used the
LDAP so I can not comment on that but MySQL works fine from my Windows and
Linux clients also.

Will Y.

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