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On 05/28/2010 06:56 AM, g wrote:
Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
Someone took a conscious decision to remove the torrent link for what
seemed to them good reasons,

which is why i stated that users should bookmark pages and
are two pages they should have bookmarked, if they can not recall what
pages they are.

So, you are suggesting that existing users that are aware of
bookmark those pages, yes?

What about newcomers to Linux and Fedora? How would they determine they
should bookmark these pages?

Another "curious" thing I find about the Get Fedora page is the
existence of the "Activities" tab. That tab is the only place where I
could find the word "activities" or "activity". Everything under that
area uses the terminology "Spin". Is there a difference between an
"Activity" and a "Spin"? If so, what is the difference? If not, why
not just have a "Spin" tab? Seems to me it would be more consistent.

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