Re: Linksys WUSB600N ver. 2

On 08/08/2010 09:51 AM, JD wrote:
It's good to hear there is another person using the rt2860.
I just wonder when will the kernel dev team will finally fix
the rt2860 driver already in the staging drivers and make it
What I have heard from some fedorans is that the current driver
source does not comply with the way linux wireless drivers are
designed to make use of the 802.11 stack. So, they have been
hacking at it for many months and still not working driver.

The driver which you are getting from RPMFUSION is not a "blessed"
linux driver - it is the same driver on the web page.
All you have to do is getthe sources for the rpms you mention and
unpack them to see that the driver in the source package is
which is from the web site.

I don't care if it is blessed or not. I also don't care if it is the
same driver from the ralink site. As much as possible, I like to take
the path of least resistance. So, I use the stuff from rpmfusion. And,
if someone asks me what they should do to get their rt2860 card working
I'd point them there first since the current track record is good. That
may change, of course, but for now that would be my advice. I don't
like to point folks to trying to get stuff from "staging" working since
there is generally a good reason why they are in "staging" and past
experience has proven frustrating and unrewarding for me. YMMV.

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