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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Darn, I was hoping you had some experience upon which to recommend
them! Yes, I googled and tried some of the places Ed suggested. It
looks like there's a whole different WIFI industry out there apart
from the product names we usually see in the computer ads.

I can recommend the Ubititi RF sections in general because I've had
several of their cards. I just meant I know nothing of this particular

The AP and AP-like stuff (like the picorouter, bullet etc) all use the
same Linux-based OS that my Ubiquity LS2 AP uses. I have both an LS2
and two of the PCI 2 Ghz cards. The cards work find under Fedora (and
did since FC4, I think). They show up as an Atheros driver and it works
out of the box. The AP is just a well-behaved AP that cuts through all
the noise when the previous ones got drowned out trying to fire through
my exterior chicken-wire and stucco walls.

Just make sure that you apply all of the known good practices for using
Wireless to these routers since they have much greater transmission

James McKenzie
SSCP 367830

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