wireless networking problem (fixed)

Gerhard Magnus wrote:

My old DSL modem doesn't have a wireless interface. It's connected to a
router (the LAN gateway) which then has ethernet connections to my
boxes. All of these computers use static IP addresses. The DSL modem is
assigned a dynamic IP address by my ISP.

I recently added a DIR-615 D-Link wireless router which connects to the
gateway router. I also have a netbook which I first configured with a
static IP address and the IP address of the gateway router. This worked
fine -- but, of course, I mostly use the netbook away from home, so I
reconfigured it to accept a dynamic IP address from whatever Starbucks
wireless network I'm connected to.

So now the netbook works fine, as long as I'm NOT connected to my own
LAN. When I'm at home connected to my LAN on the netbook I can get to
all the local computers fine -- but I can't reach the Internet.


Ed.Greshko wrote:

Plug the WAN interface of the D-Link DIR-615 into one of the ports of
your router, just like all of your other hardwired systems, and manually
configure the WAN interface the same as those systems. i.e. Static IP.
Configure the wireless side making sure that the subnet assigned is
different than the one being used on the WAN side. Also, make sure the
wireless side is configured to supply DHCP services to wireless clients.


I finally got around to dealing with this....

Here are the details of what worked (possibly of use to someone beside
me with basic networking issues):
(1) connected DIR-615 "Internet" port to Gateway router (
(2) on DIR-615 "INTERNET SETUP" page:
Internet Connection: Static IP
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Router IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Enable DHCP Server (checked)
DHCP IP address Range: to

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