help on ffmpeg

Hi users
I am a newbie on ffmpeg and I try to do my best to lean it.
I find many examples in the web by my needs are "special"
could you help me to solve one of these two problems:

1. I have a movie (file.avi" and a watermark "water.jpg". I want to add the
watermark to the movie and to transform it to flv. The conversion from avi
to flv is simple and I have succeed to do it but without the logo

2. I have an mp3 file and a jpg file. I want to generate a video with only
the picture but mixed with the audio file.

As you see, these needs are not basic so if you could help I will be very
thankful to you


PhD candidate in Computer Science
3 avenue lamine, cité ezzahra, Sousse 4000
tel: +216 97 246 706 (+33640302046 jusqu'au 15/6)
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