Re: Whee, Xorg crash (Fedora 13!

On Tue, 21 Sep 2010 15:24:53 -0500, Kevin Martin wrote:

So I'm using the latest unstable version of Chrome browser, updated my
kernel today, and BAM, when I try to view a video on Xorg
crashes. This just started happening today (I've been running this
version of the chrome browser for a solid week or more). Here's the
backtrace from the Xorg.0.log.old for anybody who's interested:

64 or 32 bit kernel?
What video drivers?
What version of Flash (64 or 32 bit as well)?
What window manager?

I'm running the latest kernel (32 bit, Fedora 13), proprietary NVidia
drivers (256.53) on an overclocked 7600 GS card, the latest released
Flash plugin, and the latest released Firefox or Chrome.

I've tried KDE, Gnome, and Windowmaker. I have a modest amount of eye
candy turned on for KDE and Gnome, and obviously none turned on with
Windowmaker. I watched Google video, Youtube video, and Live Leak videos
with no issues.

In fact, with the latest updates, I've seen better Flash stability
(Chrome reports no plugin crashes), and better GLX performance (about

I know - this is not much help, but it sounds like there's some
interaction with your hardware or video drivers with the new environment.

. . . . just my two cents.


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