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Patrick Bartek wrote:
The manufacturer of my printer (Epson) recommended
that I use the
printer at least twice a week to keep the jets
clear.  It didn't help.

Sure it did.  You use more ink, you buy more ink, they
make more
money...  You have to wonder if that's the sole reason
they give out
that advice.

To be more specific: Epson had never heard or had any complaints of jets clogging to the point that a "normal" cleaning cycle (or two) wouldn't clear them. I talked directly with Epson's area sales rep who was a close business acquaintence. So, I trust him to be telling the truth. When I told him that I would go weeks without printing anything, he said that Epson's anti-clog inks required regular use through the jets to prevent clogging, and that I should just print a color page at least weekly--Yahoo's home page was good enough--to bring new ink into all the jets, but by then it was too late. The jets were hopelessly clogged.

I did find on the net a procedure (definitely NOT recommended by Epson) using Windex to clean extensively clogged jets, but it required disassembly to gain direct access to the printer head and its jets. Too much trouble, and by then I had already switched to a b&w laser printer.

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