Re: Video drivers on a MacBook Pro 5,2 - update

On Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:52:57 +0200, Henrik Frisk wrote:

But I have a question WRT the video ddriver. I have successfully
the nvidia drivers but for some reason, the resolution (1920x1200)
gives me
a 'smaller' screen then what I have under F11 (also nvidia), i.e. I can
less things. As if the resolution was lower. BTW, this was the case
with the
nouveau drivers too. The video card is a nVidia Corporation G96
9600M GT] [10de:0647]

This has come up on another list:

"Xorg forces DPI 96 irrespective of the correct DPI detected
by/calculated from EDID." [1]
OK, thanks for the info. However, it turns out that my installation of
the nvidia drivers was not as succeful as I tought. After reboot my laptop
refuses to start X (hangs during startup). After removing the nvidia
drivers and returning to nouveau things work again. This is on

I would prefer to have the nvidia drivers working so any suiggestions for
a workaround will be greatly appreciated.



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