Re: Video drivers on a MacBook Pro 5,2 - update

On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 1:16 PM, TortuXm++ <tortuxm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sorry for double posting, I had a little problem on my keyboard.

OK, thanks for the info. However, it turns out that my installation of
the nvidia drivers was not as succeful as I tought. After reboot my
refuses to start X (hangs during startup). After removing the nvidia
drivers and returning to nouveau things work again. This is on

I would prefer to have the nvidia drivers working so any suiggestions
a workaround will be greatly appreciated.


The main problem I usually had when switching from nouveau to nvidia or
versa is the fact that nouveau is built in the initrd so that KMS can be

If you want to switch to nvidia, you have to blacklist nouveau, and then
generate the initrd

Although I did blacklist nouveau, I didn't regenerate the initrd. Hopefully
that fixes it.

I *think* that the rpmfusion nvidia package already generated a
file in modprobe.d. I this is true, you'd just have to recreate the initrd
with dracut.

Here is the howto I found on rpmfusion :

That's useful. Thank you for the information!

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