I want OO.o support, not Go-OO from Novell - Any statement from Fedora or RedHat?

Hi there,

I started using Linux back in ´99 or thereabouts. After a few years
and switching between several distros (including Caldera OpenLinux,
SuSE, and Sun Java Desktop System R2) I learned a few things:

1. That I liked Gnome more than KDE
2. That I hated Novell and its collaboration with Microsoft, along
with its endorsement and advocacy for "Mono" (a project always playing
catch-up with Microsoft´s .Net platform and as a side effect stealing
mindshare from Java).
3. That I prefer a company that doesn´t work against Java developers.

So, I ended up running Fedora. First a Fedora derivative (Blag) and
then Fedora 11. Then 12, and then 13. So far so good.

Now, having said that, I didn´t like the hysteria surrounding
OpenOffice.org, and I think Oracle will do an OK job advancing the
open source project going forward.

I also don´t trust Novell a single bit, and I think sooner rather than
later, they´ll end up polluting "LibreOffice" with Mono. I don´t want

So, here I am, a happy Fedora user, but who´d like to continue using
OpenOffice.org. What chance is there (if any) of an end user like me
of influencing Fedora direction to keep supporting OpenOffice.org ?.
Who makes those kind of decisions? Has Fedora or RedHat made any
statement wrt OO.o going forward?.

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