Re: How to install the LibreOffice beta 3 rpm package

Hiisi wrote:
It seems to me that yum apriori tries to localinstall from current
directory and
if (it fails)
then {
install from repos
Am I correct here?

No quite. The code from yum-3.2.28 looks like this:

for arg in userlist:
if (arg.endswith('.rpm') and (yum.misc.re_remote_url(arg) or
continue # it was something on disk and it ended in rpm
# no matter what we don't go looking at repos

So, yum only attempts to use localinstall if the argument given a)
ends with .rpm and b) is either a url or an existing file¹.

¹ Technically using os.path.exists() means that if you had a dir named
foo.rpm and passed that as an argument to yum install, it would
attempt to localinstall it and fail with the error "Cannot open:
foo.rpm. Skipping."

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