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On Mon, 13 Dec 2010 10:27:30 +0800
xinyou yan <yxy.716@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

it did't show my ip4 address . So still can't connect

Below, NetworkManager gets a local address for your system,, so it must be getting that from somewhere.

Can you show the output of
cat /etc/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

I may show something in /var/log/message:


Beacuse i never meet the problem before . So i have no idea about
the message

You are using NetworkManager and it seems to be working fine. It seems
to be using dhcp to get an address for your system, and then it finds
DNS addresses implying that it has a network connection (or had at
some point and cached them). I'm not very familiar with NetworkManager,
but it looks like it should be working.

If you log into X, in Gnome, go to System->Administration->Network
Device Control. Does it show active. What happens if you reset it? I
think you could also do this reset on command line by service
NetworkManager restart. If you go to System->Administration->Network
can you reconfigure it? Is there anything there that looks wrong?

How are you connecting to the internet, directly through modem or using
a router in front of the modem? I'm wondering if there is a failure
between the router and the modem as that would give the PC a local IP
address from the router's dhcp server, but no internet connection
through the modem.

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