Re: npviewer.bin segfault:

On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 16:07:00 +0000, Christoph wrote:


I'm seeing some of these entries in my /var/log/messages log file:

kernel: npviewer.bin[2940]: segfault at f73e304c ip 0000000001192ee7 sp
00000000ffb197e0 error 4 in[df3000+b2e000]
abrt[3031]: saved core dump of pid 2940
(/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/npviewer.bin) to
/var/spool/abrt/ (38649856 bytes)
abrtd: Directory 'ccpp-1292331679-2940' creation detected
abrtd: Blacklisted package 'nspluginwrapper'
abrtd: Corrupted or bad crash /var/spool/abrt/ccpp-1292331679-2940
(res:2), deleting

I'm running the latest flashplugin:

Has someone seen similar behaviour?

Of course. 80M in .xsession-errors.old yesterday.

I'm wondering why abrtd is deleting the core dump file? (Why is it
'corrupted or bad'?)

There is no flash-plugin-debuginfo package provided by Adobe, and
a good backtrace cannot be created. Filing bad/non-detailed crash reports
of stuff running in nspluginrapper would be useless. Especially if it's
closed source software. Blacklisting the whole nspluginwrapper package
seems to be a trade-off.
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