Re: file system mount and umount timestamps?

On 15 December 2010 17:46, mike cloaked <mike.cloaked@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I could not find any direct way to get at the last umount time but I
wonder if this is recorded in the /var/log/messages file ?

For ext4 (and presumable ext2 and ext3 as well) the unmount time is not
recorded explicitly. However, if a file system was last mounted read-write
and it currently unmounted then the "Last write time" shown by dumpe2fs will
show the unmount time. (This is because the file system is updated to mark
the file system clean and, of course, this updates the last write time.)
Nothing is updated if the file system is mounted read-only, including the
last mount time.

Note that information about when a file system was last mounted or unmounted
stored outside the file system is essentially worthless. When I was
checking what happened to the last mount time and last write time I was
using an external disk. If the last mount and unmount times were recorded
locally then there would be no way of knowing whether the file system had
been mounted elsewhere. Internal disks can be mounted using live dvds.

I haven't looked to see what information is available for other file

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