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I have been following this thread with a great deal of interest.

On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 22:32 +0530, Parshwa Murdia wrote:

If one has to start from the scratch, from the zeroth level to do the
programing, which programing language one should start with? In the
ocean of the languages, to start with is really very typical. Can one
justify it. Some say Python but again they say it is Perl which is
better every time then the Python. Some say to start with C or C++ but
again some emphasis to use Java or C#. Many say to go for .Net and VB
or COBOL and some say to learn web based programing like HTML, PHP,
ASP.Net. In this ocean who is just starting to learn which one he
should prefer?

Many say that what is the purpose of learning, then I say that to have
the basic understanding of how exactly we can handle the machines like
the CPU. Not to generate the big projects for the management
processes, not even banking system but to know the basic of programing
like how to handle the machines at the first, for that purpose, for
the the scratch level purpose and for the one which is good even for
Linux, what programing language should one like me, initiate?


Parshwa, Two basic questions: 1) Do you want to use programming as a way
to understand the inner workings of your computer? Or, 2) Do you want to
acquire a programming language primarily to have the most used/useful
programming skills in order to write a program? (at least useful to
you). Both these objectives may be intertwined, but which is your
primary goal now? Different goals, different programs.

Regards Bill
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